Many of these intensive seminars were given by Goswami Kriyananda over a day or a few days at the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. Share these unique teachings on such topics as Kriya Yoga, dream interpretation, and how to live a more spiritual life.

Reincarnation is a wonderful series of live audio lectures by Sri Goswami Kriyananda. In this six-part series, Sri Goswami sheds light on reincarnation in world religions and cultures. 6 MP3 recordings
Price: $39.95
New Insights into the Principles of Karma
Goswami Kriyananda brings new insight to the ancient concept of Karma, the force that holds us to the past. What is Karma.? How does Karma work? What is the best way to deal with your Karma? Reflection shows how past actions create current conditions. This five part lecture series gives guidance on how to softly and gently reduce negative Karma. 5 mp3 recordings
Price: $19.95
Symbolism- It's Value and Meaning and The Wisdom and Way of Astrology text
The goal of this 4 part seminar is to teach one how to improve this day, this life and future lives through a better understanding of symbolism . Goswami Kriyananda discusses :
- Understanding events in life symbolically
- Classifying events into symbolic groups
- Classifying the elements of the mind into symbolic groups
- Understanding dream symbols and how to neutralize them
- Recognizing that an understanding of symbols allows one to communicate with the Ishta Devata in the dream state
- The importance of learning to trust oneself
Price: $19.95
Philosophy and Methodology of Kriya Yoga Book & 5 MP3 Seminar Set
This book and set of five recordings give specific techniques of concentration, meditation and contemplation to help you to penetrate into the astral worlds, or your own subconscious mind. The goal is to expand your consciousness of your internal worlds, revealing the laws and forces that control you and your daily world. Book and 5 MP3 recordings
Price: $69.00
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