Are you interested in awakening new possibilities? Opening your heart to unselfish love and kindness? Deepening your meditative and spiritual pursuits? With warm humor and deep mystical understanding, Sri Goswami offers you an effective, down-to earth system for personal transformation, that you can experience from the comfort of your own home. Thousands have been inspired by Sri Goswami to create a lifestyle of physical, mental, and spiritual harmony.
This is a unique opportunity for both long-time followers as well as new seekers to view/listen to previously unreleased seminars and revisit seminars you attended to gain new insights and wisdom.
Recorded live during Sri Goswami’s visits to Chicago, each newly released recording contains a wealth of mystical insights and esoteric techniques, outlined to follow progressive and practical applications in everyday life.

New Moon Series - 12 Month Collection
A series of 12 monthly releases, each with their own theme.
Save over purchasing each month separately. The 12 Month Collection price includes: unlimited online streaming access to each series of recordings and free downloads in MP3 format.
After registration, you will receive an email from the Temple containing your unique link to access the web page with the on-demand video and audio download.
We look forward to sharing these clear, comprehensive, and motivational seminars with you!
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