Goswami Kriyananda is an internationally-known author whose books have been published since the 1960s. A number of the works are also available in translation. Seekers have been studying Goswami’s books for decades to find answers to their questions about the spiritual life. Browse here for topics inlcuding Kriya Yoga, the doctrine of karma, astrology, yogic philosophy and mysticism.

The Laws of Karma
This text explains the often misunderstood subject of karma, the universal law of cause and effect. Learn how the different types of karma relate to the chakric system. Discover techniques to soften, balance and neutralize patterns that may be preventing you from realizing your goals. 187 pages
Price: $14.95
Pathway to God-Consciousness
Originally written as a series of letters to close disciples, this text presents sixteen practical lessons for the soul seeking enlightenment. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of the spiritual journey: study, direction, self-discipline, healing and keeping the body healthy, balancing the emotions, quieting the mind, and expanding the horizon of awareness. Includes guidelines and self-help questions in each chapter. 132 pages.
Price: $14.95
The Kriya Yoga Upanishad and the Mystical Upanishads
These versions of classical esoteric texts include specific methods for purifying the subtle body and attaining the enlightened state of consciousness. Learn about the chakras, the nadis (subtle energy channels), the pranas (subtle energy forces), and mudras (bodily gestures that activate inner states). Includes illustrations and a glossary. 99 pages
Price: $11.95
Sun of God: Goswami Kriyananda's Upa Gita
This mini-book is Goswami Kriyananda's inspired rendering of the Bhagavad Gita, in upa or condensed form. Based on the classic scripture of Yoga, the Upa Gita is a poem in the English language which freely conveys the essence of the teachings in a modern voice. 159 pages
Price: $9.95
A Yoga Dictionary of Basic Sanskrit Terms
This guide includes more than 500 Sanskrit words and many of the most commonly used English mystical terms as well. For students of yoga, mysticism, and the spiritual traditions. 112 pages
Price: $10.95
Yoga, You, Your New Life
Swami Japananda, one of Goswami Kriyananda's senior disciples, introduces the yoga lifestyle, using Hatha Yoga as a starting point. Find advice on developing an appropriate yogic diet, on breathing techniques, and on mantra and meditation. (Spiral Bound) 207 pages
Price: $14.45
The Wisdom and Way of Astrology
A clear, understandable and profound presentation for students on every level, the Wisdom and Way of Astrology returns astrology to its rightful place as a mystical science. This invaluable reference provides astrological tools for understanding oneself and the world on a deep esoteric level. 420 pages
Price: $17.95
Effective Meditative Prayer
This booklet is a simple and beautiful guide to helping and comforting others through your own meditative prayer. 12 pages
Price: $3.95
Isha Upanishad
Goswami Kriyananda's interpretation of one of the shortest, but most important, of the Upanishads, the spiritual scriptures of Kriya Yoga. (Booklet) 9 pages
Price: $2.95
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