Goswami Kriyananda is an internationally-known author whose books have been published since the 1960s. A number of the works are also available in translation. Seekers have been studying Goswami’s books for decades to find answers to their questions about the spiritual life. Browse here for topics inlcuding Kriya Yoga, the doctrine of karma, astrology, yogic philosophy and mysticism.

Beginner's Guide to Meditation
Beginner's Guide to Meditation is a clear and concise explanation of the ancient art of meditation. Discover techniques from many traditions and learn how to select the approach best suited to your personality.This modern classic will inspire both beginners and experienced meditators. 108 pages
Price: $50.00
Price: $14.95
Extraordinary Spiritual Potential
The potential for extraordinary spiritual development exists in everyone. Learn techniques from many mystical traditions to develop your intuition. Assist others and enhance your spiritual unfoldment. 125 pages
Price: $15.95
The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga
This is the most complete text available on the theory and practice of Kriya Yoga. The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga takes the student step-by-step through the eight stages of Patanjali's Kriya Yoga system and contains extensive chapters on pranayama, meditation, mantra, and hatha yoga, including how specific yoga asanas can be used to balance each of the seven chakras. If you could only have one book on yoga, this would be it! 365 pages
Price: $20.95
A Meditation for Each Day
A Meditation for Each Day is a perpetual diary containing 366 thoughts (including one for the leap year) to be meditated on daily during your morning Sadhana. Enjoy inspiration and spiritual guidance from Goswami Kriyananda each day. 402 pages
Price: $17.26
Intermediate Guide to Meditation
Goswami Kriyananda tells how to create a balanced life by integrating your lifestyle with your meditation practice. This companion to Beginner's Guide to Meditation includes additional techniques and more advanced methods to expand your horizon of awareness. Gain clarity of purpose in every moment of life. 143 pages
Price: $13.95
Advanced Guide to Meditation
Drawing on techniques from a variety of Eastern and Western traditions, Goswami Kriyananda returns meditation to its rightful place as a spiritual art for self-transformation. With clarity and profound insight, Kriyanandaji honors the oral tradition of Yoga and offers you the opportunity to experience the ultimate goal of meditation, Samadhi. 234 pages
Price: $15.95
The Bhagavad Gita
The Bhagavad Gita or "Song of God" is one of the world's most beautiful teachings on how to live the spiritual life. Sri Goswami Kriyananda's rendering of the Gita allows the English reader to experience the poetic beauty and mystical depth of the original spiritual classic. 119 pages
Price: $13.95
Dictionary of Basic Astrological Terms
This superb reference work is filled with seldom-published esoteric knowledge. An invaluable resource for anyone interested in the ancient science of astrology. 90 pages
Price: $8.95
Kriya Bindu
A moving meditative text that inspires seekers toward a greater understanding of the fundamental concepts and goals of Kriya Yoga. (Booklet) 12 pages
Price: $3.95
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